For your feature film, I will arrive two hours before the wedding so I can start getting the footage that I need for the film. I will be using a variety of camera gear to film your wedding day and you can find that here.

During this time I’m gathering drone footage (if I can), footage of everyone getting ready and both of you reading the letters on film or doing the interview.

The more b-roll I have, the better the film layout can be since I will have more clips to choose from and help best match your words in the letter/interview.

I will also use the questionnaire you filled out it the client portal to give me a better understanding of things that should be looking out for during the wedding day. (Things that you like, sports, hobbies, select family, etc)

When I come onsite to the wedding, I will be bringing about 12,000 USD worth of camera gear, lights, audio gear, drone and aids to help me gather the best footage possible.

I will be wearing a professional polo shirt with my brand on it along with a pair of cargo khakis so I can put gear in my pockets as I walk around during the day. Any additional staff I might need to bring will also be wearing the polo and professional attire.

If at anytime during your wedding day you want me to specifically gather something that you feel might be important and overlooked when we met or not on the questionnaire, just let me know and I will take care of covering it for you guys.


During filming, I will introduce myself to your bridesmaids and groomsman. If you choose to write letters to each other then I will need to take about 10 minutes of your time each so I can record you reading them a couple of times. (I always like having two readings in case one is better than the other).

A couple of alternatives that you can do include:

  • One-on-One interview

  • Audio from the pastor or officiant

  • Speeches/interview Best-man/Maid of Honor

  • A combination of all

I will also be filming parts of the ceremony but not all, unless you purchase the ceremony film in addition to the feature film. I will have a locked down camera towards the rear of the venue to help capture audio and I will be using my monopod/camera to gather close up’s of you guys and of loved ones. I’ll also capture the vows, the kiss and the walk out.

I will stay for a few hours during the reception but not all of it typically. During this time I’m getting some dancing and mingling of guests, your first dance usually, introductions and anything important within the first three hours. If you don’t have an exit during that time, I might get you both to do a private “fake exit” for the video or you can purchase additional hours for me to stay until the exit at a rate of 100 USD beyond the three hours.

If you purchased the ceremony with reception, then I will stay for five hours and gather film for both the video and the feature film.

Joshua filming at The Kyle House during a wedding ceremony

Joshua filming at The Kyle House during a wedding ceremony

My Filming Style

While filming during your wedding I will be a fly on the wall gathering various shots for the feature film. I may on occasion get you to pose for the camera so I can get certain video clips that I might want to use.

Just a heads up:

You may expect to see a couple of lights at the reception if its going to be dark, this is to help the cameras capturing dancing in the eve.

For the drone, I only fly during normal weather conditions and all FAA rules and regulations apply. This includes the no fly zones within a 3 mile radius of the airport.

Editing and Delivery

The editing that I do is much longer than the ceremony video. I will be copying all the audio and video, making two copies, which one is for backup.

I’ll be using the Music Bed and Sound Stripe to pick out the audio for the feature film and lay the groundwork for the film.

I’ll then pick out the audio for the film and lay down that track, then put down various video clips to star creating the overall film.

It usually takes me on average 3-4 days to complete the 5-10 minute film, although in my contract I allow 3-4 weeks in case I’m backlogged. That includes the prepping time, rendering and completion of the film.