30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

I provide you peace-of-mind with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Once you take delivery of your wedding video or wedding film, you have 30 days to go through it and see if there is anything that you dislike. Maybe it’s a family or friend that you don’t want shown, maybe the music just doesn’t ‘feel’ right or there are a couple of clips that just rub you the wrong way.

Well, no worries! I will reedit the video or film one time free of charge to help make it something that you are pleased with! If you want different music, no problem, I will replace the track with another from my SoundStripe music library or for $25, you can pick one from The Music Bed if you wish.

I provide you an opportunity to make small changes as part of my value, after all you’re the client and I personally want you happy!


10-Year Replacement Warranty

The 10 year replacement warranty is designed for couples that want the added security of knowing they’re investment of a wedding film or video is in safe keeping. With that, if you purchased media from me (DVD or BluRay in years past) or my newer USB media, I will replace the media one time at no charge.

Read more on real world examples of how my warranty and guarantee have come in handy.

Listen, stuff happens and I get it. Your kid decides to play Frisbee with the DVD or maybe the dog chewed through the media thinking it was a toy. It could even be more serious as a house fire that damaged the film.

No matter what the issue, I keep your master copies for 10 years in a fireproof, water resistant safe on two portable hard drives.