Thank You for Choosing Me for your cherished day!

Hi guys~

I just wanted to give you a BIG thank you for choosing to hire me for your wedding day! I had a lot of fun being part of the wedding and getting to see both of you kiss and smile at each other - you know - with that “I’m so in love with you look!”

I greatly appreciate you choosing to work with me for your wedding video and I hope that you guys are pleased with the level of service and quality of video too! That being said, I do have a couple of things that I’d love for you to do in return if you don’t mind.


Review Me on Facebook

Facebook is a wonderful place to see what a person or company is all about. I would ask that you review me on my Facebook Business page. It helps others that are looking to hire me for my services and it provides them some insights as to what they can expect when they meet or book with me.

Review me on Wedding Wire

If you would, please, give me a review on Wedding Wire. Couples often venture there to place their thoughts on my services and I would ask that you do the same. Be truthful and upfront, if it’s something bad, just put it in there, I learn from things that people tell me and I’d rather have good criticism instead of being blind to it. It it’s all good stuff, put that in as well.


Finally, remember that you have your 30-day satisfaction guarantee along with your 10-year replacement warranty!

If for whatever reason you don’t like a part of your wedding video, I’m happy to re-edit portions of it one time at no charge for the next 30-days.

Also, if you ever have an issue with your media and you lose your film, I’m happy to replace a copy of it one time at no charge to you. I have the master copy in a fireproof safe on duplicate hard drives.

If you ever want an additional copy of your film, I can provide them to you for a charge and if you want a copy of the raw footage, I provide them for $100 as well. I typically hold onto raw footage for about 6 months before deleting it so if you choose to get a copy of it, I’m happy to provide it.

Thank YOU so much letting me be apart of your wedding day! I TRULY HOPE that you enjoyed your wedding experience with me! Drop me a line if you ever have questions or need further help! I always love staying in touch with past clients!