Live Streaming

Another popular option is Live Streaming. Using Mevo Technology cameras and a high speed LTE internet service provider, I’m able to stream live, your wedding ceremony in 720p HD. In some areas, I can stream even faster with 1080p and recording it in 4K for later upload.

I also record a backup of the stream so in case the connect gets lost, I can immediately upload to the Roanoke Wedding Video Facebook page or my YouTube page. This is great for friends & family that can’t attend the wedding. Check out this Live Stream sample from 6-1-2019 below.

— 255 USD

USB Memory Stick


Most couples will choose an additional custom USB memory stick. It’s a wooden maple case with small magnetic locks and it opens to reveal a nice USB 3.0 wooden stick that you can play in a 4K, HDTV or you Windows PC or Apple mac computers.

— 35 USD

60 Second Instagram Video

60 Second Instagram Video’s are becoming more and more popular and I’m happy to create them for you and your spouse. It’s a short, fast paced video of the wedding that you can post on Instagram and it comes with a download link where you can push it up to Instagram.

— 155 USD

Additional Filmmaker

If you choose an additional Filmmaker, they will be covering pretty much the day along side of me. I highly recommend for weddings with more than 150 that you choose this option as having two videographers will be able to cover much more of whats going on at the wedding. They will also run a camera at the ceremony.

— 305 USD

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Video

A Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Video is where I will come the day before the wedding and make a 1-2 minute film form the rehearsal and the dinner if you so choose. This also helps provide me with an idea before the wedding of what will happen. Some couples choose this as an option that they can show the night before the wedding. I will have this completed usually within 2-3 hours after I leave and sent to you. You can then post it on social media for everyone to see.

— 155 USD

How We Met Film

A How We Met Film is where I take you to a location where you first met, maybe first fell in love or one that you both enjoy. I sit you both down and interview each of you for about 5-10 minutes asking questions about how you each met and fell in love. From there, I will have you walk hand in hand, kiss or simply be romantic with each other as I collect b roll for the video.

Couples will choose this option to show at the wedding reception, show before the wedding or sometimes both.

— 255 USD

Additional Cameras @ Ceremony

Having additional cameras at the ceremony makes for a huger enhancement for the video. I always provide you two cameras standard but allow you to pick form a 3rd and even a 4th camera if you wish. Let me simply tell you that having more cameras at the wedding ceremony allows me to cover more of the ceremony and it will enable you to watch from more than just a couple angles. I recommend at least 3 at the service.

—75 USD for 3rd | — 155 USD for 3rd & 4th

Additional Wireless Mic

Finally, for your audiophiles out there, yes we do have a few in SWVA, I offer a second wireless microphone for the ceremony and even a professional audio recorder for your DJ’s sound table if they are using microphones at the service. Adding the audio recorder is a free service in addition to the first wireless mic, but adding a second will come with a small fee.

— 75 USD