For Couples Not Getting a Wedding Video


For Couples Not Getting a Wedding Video

Hello friends!

Listen, I get it wedding video is just NOT in your budget.

You’re spending a ton of money on everything else to make your wedding day come together, your getting all dolled up in order to impress friends, family and loved ones and the last thing on your mind is to fork out more money for some guy standing there with a camera making a video.

Well today, I want to share with you some cold hard truths about skipping on a wedding video or film and why you should get one, even if you don’t hire me, you SHOULD have a professional cover it for you.

You’re Going to Forget

Let’s be honest for a moment, after you read this blog article, you’ll go on about your day and you’ll completely forget what I wrote.

In fact, I doubt you’ll remember what you had for dinner four nights ago. What about last month, do you remember how many times you went out and ate somewhere or how many times you stopped to buy gas for your car? No, I doubt it.

The same is going to happen at your wedding.

It will fly-by SO FAST that you will literally forget half the things that happened, you’ll miss out on what people told you, you’ll forget what was said at the ceremony and you’re not going to remember the speeches said or the dancing on the reception floor either.

Sure, you’ll remember small tidbits, but you’ll forget after a weeks’ time and more so as time goes onward. While a wedding photograph might be nice to have to try and relive that moment in time, you’re going to forget those smaller details as time moves on.

You’ll Regret it After the Fact

And that brings me to my next point, you’re going to regret it.

Sure, you’re not regretting it now, because you’re having fun planning, daydreaming and prepping the wedding day. And honestly, you won’t regret it afterwards, not until just AFTER your first anniversary.

Regret Skipping Wedding Video

In my many years of collecting data on the wedding industry, I’ve found that couples start to regret skipping out on a wedding video about 6-9 months after the fact, but only about 46% of those couples.

The really regret kicks in just after the first wedding anniversary as that number jumps upwards to the mid 90’s percent.

By the second anniversary, nearly 98% of those couples that wanted to save a bit on their entire budget, completely regret not having a wedding video from their wedding day.

Yup, 98%. Is $1,000 to $1,600 worth the regret?

You’re Spending Thousands on the Day and All You Have are Images

I want you to think about this for just a moment so bear with me…

Your dress, you’re most likely going to purchase it new and the average cost of a wedding dress nationwide is $1,400.  Can you believe that?!

$1,400 on a dress that you’ll wear for less than half a days’ time, 10 hours at most, then NEVER again. That’s a $140 per hour that dress is costing you just to look pretty and impress everyone there at the wedding.

But you’re not spending anything to capture people and their reactions when they see you or the smiles on their faces… oh right, wedding images.

Well, again images can’t relive what happened during the day and what was said to you and your spouse.  

I’m not saying you shouldn’t get wedding photos, but what I’m saying is that you should INVEST in your wedding day where it honestly means the most, making memories.

And that’s what video does, it encapsulates your memories to relive. You can hear what was said, feel those same emotions as you watch the day, remember those no longer with you and what they told you, what they did and how they were.

Video adds elements that an image simply can’t do.

You Have Options with Paying

Many times, couples will use the excuse of wedding films or video as being a budgeting issue. Well, first let me tell you that I’ve eliminated that with my in-house financing.

It’s very simple.

You’re spending the same amount of money, just spreading it out over time.

Think about it this way, how many of you buy a car and pay in full for it when you buy it? Not very many, in fact about 90% of you are going to make monthly payments.

Well, I offer a smaller down payment and then monthly payments up until the wedding much like financing a car or expensive line item.

Second, I want you to ask yourself a question.

How important is it for you to RELIVE your wedding day?

Honestly, is it more important to have a fancy dress, an expensive wedding venue or spend all your money on a wedding photographer?

Or, is it more important to capture the entire day and be able to watch, hear, and feel those emotions again and to include them with those expensive photos that your paying for?

If being able to relive your wedding day IS important to you, then you will hire a wedding video or wedding film professional.

If not, then just know that at some point down the road you will WISH that you had listened to my advice and spent some of that wedding money on getting a wedding video, it’s just a matter of time.