Weddings Secrets Only for the Bride

Weddings Secrets Only for the Bride

Hi friends, my name is Joshua and I’m a career-long wedding filmmaker. Over the last 21 years I’ve seen many brides walk down the aisle and many of them had some common secrets that helped them get through the wedding day.

Well today, I’m going to share with you those secrets that no other wedding professional – well okay, no other wedding filmmaker is going to tell you, so let’s get started.

High Heel Secret

If you are a bride that getting married outside and you’ll be walking anywhere in or near grass, then you need to get this little-known secret. Sometimes called heel boots or heel protectors, they are little devices that go on the bottom of your heels that help prevent you from sinking into the ground and get stuck.

Many brides that walk down the aisle don’t think about it, but you should grab a pair of these if you have anything to do outside and you’re rocking high heels in the wedding dress. They come in many brands, but I found a great link on Amazon that you can always check out. (No, not getting paid nor it is a link where I make any money from it)


Keep Those Bugs Away but Your Man Close by

Want to smell good but also repel those pesky summertime mosquitoes? Get you a perfume that can do both with Bombshell, Victoria's Secret best-selling fragrance.

Quartz, an online website, reports that the popular perfume, which has a scent that's a mix of floral and fruity, is almost as good as DEET insect repellent at keeping mosquitoes away. That's based on a 2014 research study experiment conducted by New Mexico State University.

The experiment indicated that Bombshell perfume kept the disease-carrying insects away for about two hours. The study results were convincing enough for the LSU Tigers baseball team, which recently revealed they spritz themselves in the stuff so they can keep the bugs away and smell good, according to The Daily Advertiser.

Want to score a bottle of the stuff for yourself? Victoria's Secret has a full line of Bombshell-scented products, but the original perfume is available here in a 1.7 fluid ounce bottle for $55 and 3.4 fluid ounce bottle for about $70 give or take.

A Personal Note

One thing that I suggest is that about a week before, you write your new spouse a letter for the wedding day. Perhaps it’s given early in the morning or on camera to get the reaction moments, but in either case, sending them a little love note will give your soon to be spouse those little exciting butterflies that will help make the moment when you first see each other at the ceremony all the more worthwhile.

It doesn’t have to be long but make it meaningful if you can. TRUST me on this, it’s a great way to start off the day and makes for a wonderful special moment during or before bridal prep.

Do the Makeup Trial, it’s Worth It!


Your hair and makeup consultation and trial should ideally take place 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding. During this consultation, your stylist will ask you a series of questions to gain an understanding of the styles you like.  Bring photos as sometimes they don’t always speak the same language!

Usually they'll advise you about what will work best to accentuate your features and compliment your dress.  Your role is to have an open and honest relationship with the makeup artist and to tell them what you think!

It is important to note that a trial is just that – a time to see what you like and what you don’t like, what works and what doesn’t.  Makeup artists will typically take notes and photos so that they can review them on your wedding day and use the same colors we used at your trial. 

That being said, you may decide, once you get home or perhaps a few days after, that the red is a little too bright, or that you really do want the winged eyeliner your maid of honor decided is too dramatic. 

It’s ok.  Tell them before the wedding that you want to make some changes if needed, it's important so you can look your best on the wedding day.