The Best Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Gifts For your Wedding Day

The Best Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Gifts For your Wedding Day

Hello friends, welcome back to my wedding blog and for those that are new, welcome! I was filming a wedding over the weekend and I was standing outside the bridal suite waiting for the bride to get into her dress, well the bridesmaids were hanging out with me and one thing they kept talking about was how lame their gifts were, glass candy dishes.

Well, that had me thinking about those wedding party favors that you give to the bridesmaids and of course the groomsmen. They’re typically a nice gesture or a “thank you” if you will for paying for the outfits, spending time to be in the wedding party and of course to help as well.

So, I’ve put together a few great items that you might want to consider locally and yes, they’re much more awesome than a lame candy dish, so let’s get started!

Some Wine or Brew if You Please

One thing here in Virginia that is becoming very popular is local beer and wine. If you have friends that love that sort of thing, then I highly suggest that you consider a bottle of local wine or even a basket with a local bottle with some local cheeses, crackers and goodies, perhaps a wine glass with their name etched into it.

Putting a little thought into the gift can be fun and a great personal way of showing that you really care about your friends too.

For the men, local craft beer is becoming pretty big in the Commonwealth was well, so you might want to get the guys some sort of beer tote filled with 3-4 various IPA’s from the state with some cool guy stuff like shaving balm, perhaps a Harry’s Razor set or a custom made wallet, oh, leather!

A Cabin Getaway

Another great and very affordable option is to surprise your wedding party with a local cabin getaway for a weekend. Many areas in Virginia offer micro cabins that you can stay in and many have normal amenities’ like A/C, fridges, queen beds, power outlets and the like too.

If you’re doing a country rustic type wedding, I suggest that you scope something like out. I know that on the Blues Ridge Parkway for example, the Explore Park offers modern, micro cabins that are sure to please with plenty of great things to do. Your wedding party will love these gifts and the best part is, it’s affordable.

Fancy Restaurant

Another great option is to give your wedding party members a card with a handwritten note and a gift card to a locally owned, great restaurant! Many people will enjoy getting a $100 gift card to an upper scale restaurant or favorite watering hole.

It’s a great choice especially if you have places that are intimate, and they can take their spouse or significant other.  I suggest something like The Homeplace in Catawba, maybe Fork in the Alley in Roanoke or Bent Mountain Bistro.

Custom Wallet for the Men

A great way to show the guys that they are appreciated is to get them a nice, custom made, leather wallet that’s monogrammed. There are plenty of local leather makers here in South Western Virginia and many can make them with names or initials.

It provides the men something personal and something they can use on a regular basis too, plus again, it’s local.  Try Bear Creek Leatherworks in Daleville.

Spa Day for All the Girls

If you’re able to, after the wedding take all the girls for a relaxing day at the spa! From facials, to massages, manicures and body treatments, offering for the ladies to have a day at the spa is a great way to share your thanks to your bridesmaids and maid of honor too!

My friend Madison owns the Glam House Day Spa in Roanoke and they offer all the services mentioned above as well as others too. Trust me they will gladly enjoy a day at the spa than a $10 candy dish, lol.

So, there are some great examples that you can use and put to work for yourself. When it comes to providing the wedding party a gift, my suggestion is to try to stick to something that’s about $50-150 per person if you can.

You want to show that you care but you also don’t want to show that you’re a cheapskate either, after all these are your friends and they are helping support your new marriage so return the favor by offering them a great, local treat in the process. Even better, you’re helping to support local business in the process so it’s really a win-win here.

Well, thanks again for checking out the wedding blog here, for more great ideas, money saving tips and tricks check out the other great article’s that I have!