Keeping Wedding Guests Warm at a Fall or Winter Wedding

Keeping Wedding Guests Warm at a Fall or Winter Wedding

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by my wedding film blog. As fall weather is fast approaching in Virginia and other parts of the United States, I wanted to talk a little bit today about keeping warm during your off-season wedding. I know many people will have weddings from October through March and some will have outdoor ceremonies or receptions, I know myself, I still have three couples left to film and all are this month.

Anywho, today, I’m going to share with you a few ideas that I’ve seen as I’ve filmed weddings form the last couple of decades, hopefully you can get some inspiration and put a couple of these ideas to your wedding.

Warming Station

I’ve filmed a few weddings over the years that offer what’s called a “warming station”, it’s basically an area with a table or bar setup filled with warm apple cider, a couple of those tower heaters and operate off propane, some blankets in a warming box and someone to help manage the station.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, then this is a wonderful idea to have in a situation where you might have a ceremony outside or a reception both indoor and out.

Heating Units

I’m sure that you’ve seen them before at a big box store, perhaps a Lowe’s or Home Depot, those propane heating towers. For about $150, you can get some of these installed and setup at various stations at the wedding venue.

I know many wedding venues in our area that offer several of them and they’ll even rent them out during cold evenings too, much cheaper than if you bought them. From my understanding, when put on the high setting they’ll last about 1.5 hours, on a medium setting about 4 to 4.5 hours.

Systems like these are great for keeping your wedding guests nice a cozy and it’s well worth the investment either way you look at it.

Happy Hour Ideas

About 5 years ago, I was filming a wedding where the couple offered mini grilled cheese sandwiches and cups of a tomato cheddar soup for their happy hour.

It was a much different than your traditional crackers, cheeses and nibbles like you see at many weddings, but the warm cups of soup and sandwiches not only hit the spot, but it was very much the talk of the wedding during happy hour too.

It appears that these types of treats are making a coming-back in 2019 as I’ve seen a couple other articles already about them this year as well as people taking about them on various wedding forums too.

Fire Pits

Sure, fire-pits are great, but not every wedding venue has them or offers them. If they do have these at your wedding venue, I would have the venue set them up for people all throughout the evening if possible, to help keep people nice and warm.  Either gas propane or wood, fire-pits allow people to stay warm, mingle and relax by the fire too! Warm guests mean happy guests and those happy guests will stay longer at your reception.

Blankets Are a Must

Another great idea is to have a blanket station. These are stations at the ceremony or reception where people can grab a 4X8 throw blanket and cuddle up if needed to enjoy the ceremony or elements of the reception.

I’ve seen where couples will many times have a simple table filled with these and even ask guests to take them as parting gifts too. While you could order them custom with your names and wedding dates, purchasing generic ones for $5 a piece is a great money saver and makes a nice, warm gift too!

Hot Coco Bar at the End

One of the coolest wedding endings I filmed in years past was the couple doing a sparkler exit and as the guests left the venue, the couple had a hot coco-to-go bar setup. Managed by a couple of catering staff, the bar offered hot coco with yummy toppings and treats to nibble on as well as warm spiced apple cider.

These yummy drinks were served up in custom coffee tumblers with the couples name and date on them and they were a huge hit as people were leaving. Just another fun and affordable idea to help keep everyone toasty throughout the evening.

Well, there you have it friends, a few ideas that I’ve come across over the years as a wedding filmmaker. So, what would you like to know about regarding weddings? I’m happy to provide you my tips, tricks and money saving advice. Just email me at or comment below.