Are Wedding Crasher's Real like the Movie?


Hi friends, thanks again for checking out the blog! Before we start, I just want to say thanks for everyone supporting me and my business, it’s the middle of August and I’m nearly booked for 2020 already, hard to believe!

Anywho, today I’m about wedding crashers, we’ve just about all seen the movie, where Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson go to wedding after wedding pretending to be a guest in order to drink, party and hook up with ladies. Well today, I’m going to talk about wedding crashers and let you know, yes they are real and I’m going to help you be ware of what to look for at your own wedding in spotting a “wedding crasher”.

So back in 2002, I remember I was filming a wedding at the Hotel Roanoke, a Jewish couple was getting married in one of the new ballrooms and the couple’s family was spending a LOT of money at the wedding and reception.

Well, during the reception the groom’s mom noticed some people she’d never seen before and she went to the bride’s mom to ask and see if she knew them. It was a couple in their 30’s but they looked out of place, they weren’t really dressed up and they were hanging out at the bar up front with Elvis, no not the singer, the employee that was serving drinks.

What was strange about the couple is that they were hanging out and not talking with anyone other than themselves and they kept eyeing the gift table nearby. Well, long story short, the mom had hotel security come by and ask them to leave which they did.


Things could have been worse had they stayed and taken one or some of the gifts.

Fast forward to 2019 and these things still happens.

In Comal County, Texas, there is a couple of women that apparently have been crashing weddings for several months, taking gifts from the table then making an exit, only to take the gifts back to the store for credit. From the Facebook post, the couple has been doing this for a while and all across that part of Texas too.

The reality is that “wedding crashers” happen. In fact, according to the Wedding Venue Professionals Association, it’s believed that 1 out of every 14 weddings will have a wedding crasher, about one in every 157,142 weddings in the US.

Wedding crashers don’t always come for gifts, sometimes it’s the food, sometimes its to pick up women, sometimes both, but in either case, there are a few tell-tell signs to look for at the wedding and I want to go over a few with you that can help you along the way.

The Fake Persona

The first thing to realize is that a wedding crasher is going to be a complete fake, fake personality, fake persona, fake name, fake backstory and the like. That being said, with the help of family members and friends, you should be able to spot a fake at your wedding fairly easy.

First, they’re going to hang around people that are not their own age. For example, seeing a younger guy getting his dance on with grandma might be a clue, as many older people are going to have foggy memories at times, they will use this to get information from them to reuse themselves later in the evening. The more they learn about who they are hanging with the more they can reuse that information later in the evening if someone askes them questions about who they are.

That brings me to my second point, many times a wedding crasher will change the story from person to person whom they’re hanging with.

Maybe the first person was told they were the brides second cousin from New York, while the next person they talk to they may say something like of I’m the bride’s college friend and we used to do (some event or club) together. A tell-tell sign is them always having to tell who they are to everyone and no one seems to remember them.

If you have assigned seating at the reception, ask them where they’re sitting at, if they can’t then it’s a good indicator, they might not be who they say they are. Many weddings will have assigned tables with a list of people for those tables, so use that as a key indicator if they should be there or not. Another thing to think about, a wedding crasher will not really sit out, they’ll be dancing the night away and trying to find some ladies they can take home after the wedding reception.

Usually if you have a part of the reception where everyone is going back to their seats, like the speeches, you can usually find a crasher at the bathroom, bar or perhaps on a smoke break, but never at chair because they don’t have one.

A key factor that might signal they’re a wedding crasher too is that no one remembers them at the ceremony. Asking great questions about the ceremony to a wedding crasher and watching their facial response is a good thing to do, for example you could ask about something at the ceremony that never happened, like “wow, I can’t believe the flower girl dumped all her flowers out right next to grandma’s chair….” If they go with the fake story, you might have found a crasher.

Finally, there are plenty of websites out there that explain how to be a crasher and what to look for, I even found a Reddit page on what to do and places to go around the nation for weddings, such as various large hotels and venues.

My piece of advice is this, have someone on the family, maybe a friend that can help be on the lookout for people that seem like they don’t belong and have them do some digging around. Now, I’ve seen people that were not wedding crashers, but they were just very low key, that’s usually a common mistake as crashers want to party, not hang out on the sidelines.

Well, there is some advice that I hope you will at least think about when having your reception.

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