I Now have Just One Wedding Film Package

Hi friends, I trust that you’re well today!

So, I’m sitting here sipping my coffee in the office and I’m happy to announce that I’m changing my pricing structure up just a bit. Starting today, I’m going to offer both my a la carte services where you can pick on thing, like the ceremony video itself or bundle things together to create your own package AND I’m going to offer just one wedding film package instead of several.

My $1,105 Wedding Film Package

So, this is going to include the feature film, the ceremony video, my wooden USB memory drive keepsake, drone footage for the feature film, licensed music, 1080 HD video, my warranty and my guarantee.

It will also include my FREE gift from my friends up at Coach in New York City that I’ve teamed up with.

Beyond that there is nothing additional to purchase unless you want too. For example, you might want to get live streaming, the reception highlights or add in additional cameras at the ceremony.

So why have I decided to offer just one simple package?

Well, it just makes things easier for couples and honestly about 85% of my clients usually purchase something like the new package anyway.

I Still Offer A la Carte Services

In addition to the new discounted package, I still offer a la carte services too. Want just the feature film, sure. Maybe you just want the ceremony video and a USB, no problem. Or maybe you want to mix and match all the services to create your own wedding film package, again that’s no problem.

With my a la carte services, I put you in FULL control of what it is that you want and what you truly don’t need.

Years ago, I learned a great lesson in packages, while they’re great for most people, they’re not for everyone! So, I allow you to create what you want, on your budget, on your terms.

Visit my wedding film experience page and check out what I have to offer for both the package and the a la carte menu too.

Why am I so Affordable Compared to Others?

The answer for me is simple. I was operating full-time until the end of 2015. In 2018, I got back into it on a part-time basis.

I only take on a limited number of clients each year, I’m not relying on your money to make my livelihood, so I no longer charger $3,000 for a wedding film experience.

Today, it’s not about the money, it’s about having fun filming. Sure, I still make some side money to buy new gear, take a vacation once a year too, but for me, filming is simply enjoyable and I offer a great service at what I feel is a fair price to clients.

After all, I understand that weddings are expense.

Consider me the exception to the rule that you have to be expensive in order to be good.