What Couples Spend on the Wedding in the Roanoke Valley

Hi friends, I trust that YOU are doing well! Today I’m going to be sharing with you some details on the local wedding industry and show you what couples have been spending in 2018 to help provide you some ideas on what others are spending in our region.

Being able to get an idea of what other couples are spending helps you understand what you should spending for your own wedding and it helps show you if you’re in-line with the industry too.

Our Sampling Data

Our data comes from couples that got married in 2018 as we sampled 2,033 couples. While numbers are always different, this should give you an idea of the average amount spent on things.

The Overall Budget

In 2018 the overall average budget for couples was $25,350. I can further break that down and say that approximately 43% of those surveyed spent less than $10,000 on the entire wedding totaling about $5,245,140 in overall sales.

Nest, couples that spend between $10,000 and $19,999 were the second highest with just under 30% of the couples asked while 15.9% of the couples spent between $20,000-$29,999. 11.6% spent more than $30,000 and about 20 couples in the Roanoke Valley spent more than $100,000 on their wedding day or just 1%.

Roanoke Valley Wedding Budgets for 2018

2,033 Couples asked totaling $51,536,550 in Sales

Where Couples Come From

One of the things that we ask is if couples are local or not. Of the couples asked in our survey we found that 59% of them were local, living within 25 miles of Roanoke, followed by 20% living within 50 miles of the Star City.

Next, couples that lived within 50 to 200 miles, 244 couples came to Roanoke to get married while approximately 9% or 183 came from other regions of the United States to get married here. When we compare that number to the 2012 data of 6.8%, it shows that our area is seeing an increase of destination style weddings.

Overall Numbers

This is the category that most people want to know about as it details what was spent on each category and the rates. This is just an average based on the number sampled but it should provide a good insight into the overall industry.


Average Age of the Couples Getting Married in Roanoke

One of the things that us vendors often look at is the average age of couples getting married because it slightly varies from different parts of the United States. Here in Roanoke, the most popular age range of couples getting married is ages 25-29 or about 512 of our couples asked. There is a slightly higher higher percentage in the age range of 30-34 (17.3%) than there is 20-24 (16.2%) and what was very interesting to see is that about 323 couples asked were older than 50 years of age, about 15.9% of couple couples sampled.

Also, the average each bracket spent on the wedding varied too, the couples ages 25-29 were spending about $28,645 on average while those ages 17-19 were spending about $24,083. The age bracket spending the least is ages 45-49 at just $19,013 while the above 50+ age couple spent the most at $33,525 on average.