4 Wedding Ceremony Things to Know Before Your Wedding

4 Wedding Ceremony Things to Know Before Your Wedding

So, you’re getting married and you’re well into planning the wedding, how exciting for you guys, congrats! While you’re busy planning away and hopefully with a wedding planner, there are some things that you need to be aware of when it comes to the ceremony.

As a filmmaker with more than 21 years’ experience in the business, I’ve seen firsthand some things that couples don’t often think about. So, with that, I want to share with you 4 things that you should know regarding the ceremony, how to deal with them and how best to combat them should they arise.

Not Being Seated in a Timely Manner

I remember filming a couple recently where the couple had a friend who became ordained online to perform the ceremony. I’m finding that more and more couples are having friends or family simply perform the ceremony herein Virginia.

Well, the officiant was extremely nervous, and you could see that on his face, his hands and the way his voice was, just nervous being up in front of a bunch of people. As he started reading from the iPad, he completely forgot to tell people to be seated.

In that process, for several minutes everyone was standing up and it was hard for not just the video, but the wedding photographer and the guests too that were in the back trying to view the couple.

Fortunately, I was standing up front and I was able to get people to sit right before the vows and everything was great.

So, this is what you can do as a bride or groom, just notion to the officiant to have the guests sit down after a moment or so. While it’s not the end of the world if the guests are not seated in a timely manner after the wedding party comes into the venue, it does make a world of difference in the media that is being captured and the guests that have traveled to see you get married.

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

About two or three times a year, I film couples where rain happens. I remember filming a wedding earlier this year where the grandparents were coming out of the venue to kick-off the wedding ceremony. Well, roughly 20 seconds into the start of the ceremony, it starts pouring down rain and they stopped. In fact, every wedding guest started running inside including the DJ, wedding photographer and of course myself.

That brings me to my point, you SHOULD have a backup plan when it comes to having your wedding ceremony outside. In the point of this wedding, there were clouds and only a 20% chance of rain that day, well, it turned out that 20% happened to be just when things started, and it continued for about 10 minutes too.

Luckily, the couple was able to have the ceremony as the wedding guests were able to wipe down the wet chairs and life went on throughout the day.

My recommendation, if there is a chance of rain and it looks like there is rain on the radar, have a backup plan for the ceremony. Sure, it might be in doors, under a rental tent or not as pretty as it being in the open but having wet guests and getting wet yourself on clothes that already weigh a lot is simply not fun nor wanted.

Something Will Typically Go Amiss; Just Laugh it Off

Listen, I’ve filmed a LOT of weddings over the years and I can tell you, something ALWAYS goes wrong at a ceremony. It’s usually not a big deal, many times it’s cute or funny, like the flower girl dumping her flowers all at once, maybe she’s crying or maybe the ring bearer falls asleep.

Sometimes, during a sand ceremony, maybe the sand goes all over the place or perhaps the officiant humbles his or her way through the service.

In any case, just laugh it off. Hey, it’s your wedding day so I encourage you to make the best of it as you can. The old notion, ‘roll with the punches’ is something that you need to just be aware of and embrace.

The last thing that you want to freak-out or be a bridezilla in matters that you simply can’t control.

Your Dress WILL Most Likely Get Ruined by the End of the Night

You’ve most likely spent a LOT of money and effort on your own wedding dress, let me just tell you that by the end of the evening, its going to get dirty, stained, ripped and basically, well destroyed. 8 out of every 10 brides that wear their wedding dress throughout the evening have some type or damage or stains on the wedding dress.

One thing that I see a lot of brides do in today’s wedding is to have a second dress for the reception itself and that does a couple of things. First, it literally shaves off a lot of weight because most dresses in case you haven’t figured out are heavy!

Second, it allows you to help save the actual dress itself from getting everything from dirt on the floor to wedding cake or wine that might be spilled on it too!

It’s really a smart play to change into a smaller, lighter dress for the reception and it will help keep you a bit cooler in the process too!

And there you have it friends, four of the most commonly overlooked things at the wedding that can be easily fixed or looked at in a different way. I hope you enjoy my weekly articles and my wedding films as well.