Two things to do at EVERY Wedding

Listen, all weddings no matter how large and expensive or how small and frugal that they might be, they all do the same thing, join two people together that love each other. As I enter my 21st year as a wedding filmmaker, I’ve seen couples stay together and sadly, I’ve seen a few of them divorce after just a year or so.

Well, with that, I have just two very simple things that I want you to do at your wedding, both of you. This isn’t a blog about how to save money or giving you some insider secrets like I normally do, today, it’s about the relationship.

Write a Letter to Yourself

No, this isn’t for the wedding feature film that I produce, but it is something that you SHOULD be doing. Write a letter to yourself as a reminder as to why you are getting married in the first place. Make promises to yourself that you’ll try to be the best spouse you can be when times are good and when times aren’t so great too, because those do happen in life.

But more importantly when you write this letter to your future self, remind yourself that you need to always communicate with your spouse, that’s one of the most important things you can do for a marriage, is communicate with each other. I know as a guy, I often find myself forgetting that my wife Carole needs to vent at times, she needs someone to chat with and to communicate with as well.

Hey, I’m a stupid guy here, as most of us guys are, we have that caveman tendency at times.

Sometimes communication comes in the form of just chatting, sometimes it’s a text, a letter, a gesture or a gift. BUT, no matter what and how you do it always find time to communicate with each other and make sure you put that into your future self-letter, so you don’t forget!

There is No Right or Wrong Way at a Wedding

This is a common misconception with couples getting married, having to do things a certain way just because. Truth be told there isn’t a right way or wrong way to do things at a wedding, so just make it the way that you want.

I highly recommend that you educate yourself before going through the wedding process, read blogs, find local professionals, ask questions on forums and groups and just try to understand the massive undertaking that you’ll be getting yourself into. Weddings can be fun, but they can also be extremely stressful if your left unguided or trying to do things on your own.

Start with a wedding budget, then seek a planner. Those two things alone will SAVE you money.

As you start your process of wedding planning, if there is something at the wedding or reception you don’t want, then simply don’t include it. For example, if you want cupcakes instead of a cake, do that instead. If your spouse doesn’t want a garter or bouquet toss, then skip them altogether.

Weddings are a celebration of both coming together as one and they should also reflect you as a couple and what you want to do at your own wedding too.

Just remember this, enjoy the day. If something doesn’t go according to plan, just laugh and have fun with it. Don’t stress if something doesn’t go right or if something goes wrong, life happens.

And there you have it friends, my two pieces of advice for the wedding day and the two things that you should be doing at the wedding.

Marriage is a great reminder that you have someone by your side and that you need to reflect that by staying open with your communication and that weddings don’t always go 100% according to plan so enjoy the day and make it your own!

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